Handcrafted Mahogany & Ash Electric Boats

The Budsin Wood Craft Lightning Bug
Detailed Craftsmanship Starting At $20,500

The 15' Lightning Bug has been considered the jewel of  electric boats ever since we started making them in 1987.  The Lightning Bug offers comfortable seating for four adults and a wide variety of options.  Each boat is handcrafted and customized to meet your individual needs.  While the boat was primarily designed for sheltered waters, it is surprisingly seaworthy in the event of a quick weather change or when handling large wakes from passing larger boats.  Whether you're looking for a quiet, durable and dependable boat or need a beautiful yacht tender that compliments your tastes, the Budsin Lightning Bug continues to be the boat of choice for discriminating owners around the world.



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Length: 15' overall, Length at waterline: 14'6"
    Beam: 4' 3"
    Draft:  14" (loaded)
    Weight:  aprox. 525 lbs. depending on options
    Capacity:  4 persons
    Power: 700 watt, 24 volt electric motor
    Top Speed: 6.1 mph (top), 5.5 mph (cruising)
    Running Time:  4.5 hours @top speed, 5-6 hours @cruising speed
       Note: Using the main battery bank, the optional reserve battery banks adds 40% additional run time.

Only the Best Goes Into A Budsin Boat...

  • Choice of mahogany or painted hull
    The hull of our all mahogany Lightning Bug is constructed with two layers of 1/8-inch cedar inner laminates followed by an outer mahogany laminate.  The area below the waterline is covered with fiberglass while the inside is completely sealed with epoxy.   The result is a 100% watertight, strong yet lightweight boat.  The Lightning Bug is also available in a variety of hull colors.  A painted hull is built of three layers of 1/8-inch cedar diagonal planking.  We then fiberglass the entire outside of the hull before hand fairing and finishing with super durable awl-grip paint - a beautiful compliment to the exquisite wood decks and interior.

  • Choice of Mahogany or Ash Decks
    While the majority of our decks are built from the finest hand picked mahogany, an ash deck gives the Lightning Bug a distinctly different yet classic look.  An ash deck has pleasing golden yellow color and is a bit harder than mahogany. 
  • Variety of Options
    The Lightning Bug also comes with wide variety of options including a built in cooler, stereo system and a canopy which installs quickly and simply - the top lowers to deck height when traveling.





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