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The 15’ Lightning Bug has been considered the jewel of electric boats ever since we started making them in 1987. Elegance is reflected not only in the lines of the boat, but also in its simplicity and practicality. Its unique cockpit, which comfortably seats four adults, is designed for conversation. A single lever controls the speed and the direction of the boat, making operation extremely easy. Unplug the onboard charger, turn the key and you are ready to go. Full running lights make evening and night operation pleasurable.

The Lightning Bug offers a unique perspective to power boating. Enjoy a tranquil cruise in the still morning waters, fish your favorite hole, or noiselessly bird watch. Take in a colorful sunset or visit friends across the water, in style. Whatever you do, as soon as you leave the dock in a Lightning Bug, you will immediately be aware of the nature around you and the company with you.

Hull Construction

Hull-layup_1While all Lightning Bug boats feature exquisitely finished wooden decks and interiors, there is a variety of hull choices available. The hulls are constructed using three layers of molded cedar and mahogany bonded with epoxy. All boats have a mahogany transom.


mahogany-hullVarnished Mahogany Hulls have a heavy fiberglass laminate protecting the hull below the waterline.


painted-hullPainted Hulls are entirely fiberglassed over the wood and then laboriously hand faired and painted.


painted-hull_mahoagany-sheer -planksPainted Hulls with Mahogany Sheer Planks are constructed just like the pained hulls but have additional upper sheer planks added over the top of the fiberglassed hull, resulting in a very traditional look.


Decks construction

Solid-mahogany-decks-and-interiorWhile the majority of our boats feature mahogany decks and interiors, since each boat is custom built specifically for its owner we are often asked to incorporate special woods such as ash, teak, or white oak. Another popular option is the have the outside covering boards of the deck a contrasting color, such as ash or curly maple.