Handcrafted Mahogany & Ash Electric Boats

Ease of Use
Beauty Isn't The Only Outstanding Feature of a Budsin...

  • Our Boats Are Easy To Use
    The photos on this web site show Budsin Wood Craft builds nice looking boats - but we wish we could better demonstrate  the feeling of a ride in one of our electric boats; show how you can, in an instant, slip away quietly and effortlessly
  • Responsive
    Even at low throttle, the boat is very responsive.  As you speed up, motor noise and vibration are almost imperceptible.  Any tensions start to disappear as you lean back and head out across the water.  Birds don't scatter as you approach and you're aware of the natural sights and sounds that you never noticed before.  The world is gliding by, not flying by and you can keep going like this for hours--the Energizer
    Bunny was never so cool.
  • Perfect for those social occasions
    More than anything, the Budsin Lightning Bug is an ideal social boat.  Because it's so quiet, conversations can be conducted at normal levels.  The driver's controls are convenient and unobtrusive - demanding very little attention.  It's just you and the company you, fresh air and the water.  And...on a calm, moonlit night...well, it's perfect!                                               
  • Reduced maintenance
    Thorough design makes the Budsin Lightning Bug simple to operate and maintain.   "Fuel" is supplied via a simple cord and onboard automatic charger - not bulky gas tanks or messy hoses.  There's plenty of dry storage space, precise and quick fitting covers, and maintenance-free batteries among the boat's many features.
  • Electric boats are not for everyone 
    They're not fast, they're civilized;  not exhilarating, they're romantic; not boisterous,  they're quiet - very quiet.  If you view the water as a place to unwind, they might just be for you.  Thanks for you interest.     Tom Hesselink,
    Owner, Budsin Wood Craft

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