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With fuel costs as high as they are, electric is the affordable alternative to riding the waters. An electric boat can run up to eight hours at top speeds of six to eight knots, and, to charge one, all you have to do is plug its power cord in, sit back, and relax. Oh, did we mention that they’re entirely pollution-free? That, too.

For over 25 years, Budsin Wood Craft has been building electric powered boats in Marshallberg, NC. Located near North Carolina's outer banks, we draw from the area's long and rich boat building heritage to produce what many believe to be among the finest crafted boats available – whether electric or otherwise.

Quiet Electric Power:
Electric boats have been around for well over a century and cherished by generations. Being absolutely quiet and pollution free, they create an intimate atmosphere unattained by other vessels, not to mention it’s completely free to charge them. Peace, with a green dose of affordability!

  15' Lightning Bug

Elegant Simplicity:
The elegance of a Budsin boat is reflected not only in its lines, but, also, in its simplicity and practicality. Its unique cockpit, which comfortably seats passengers facing each other, is designed for conversation. Steering is accomplished by a convenient side-mount tiller while proper instrumentation gives a quick and accurate reading of battery load and remaining capacity. A specially crafted single lever control regulates the boat's speed and the forward/reverse direction, making operation extremely easy.

Elegant Practicality:
We pay particular attention to practicality; seating is comfortable, storage areas are ample and convenient, and all docking cleats are easily accessed from inside the cockpit. Full running lights and interior courtesy lights make evening and night operation particularly pleasurable. Simply unplug the charger, flip on the key and silently glide away. Budsin's electric boats offer a unique perspective to power boating. Enjoy a tranquil cruise in the still morning waters, fish your favorite hole or noiselessly bird watch. Take in a colorful sunset or visit friends across the water, in style. Whatever you do, as soon as you leave the dock, you will immediately be aware of the nature and the company around you.

15' Lightning Bug

Ordering Is Easy
Budsin blends time honored design with proven modern components and building methods to create their hand crafted boats – each one built to special order. No matter where you are in the world, Budsin can custom make your electric boat from the best materials. Just let our experienced staff know what it is you’re looking for in your boat — its size, its capabilities, and its usage — and we’ll be more than happy to build accordingly. By doing so, each and every one of our boats is special, and that’s what’s most important.
With Budson Wood Craft, we strive to make water taxis and electric-powered boats that our customers love for years. In order to do, we mix tradition, simplicity, and practicality – a winning formula of ours since 1987. Come see why! For more information on our water taxis and electric-powered boats, contact Budson Wood Craft today!

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Monday-Friday 9 a.m - 5 p.m. ET

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General Information:  info@budsin.com
Customer Support:  Tom Hesselink

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